Design Concepts

One-Of-A-Kind Designs brought to you by LifeSong Monuments

With the latest technology and four generations of developed artistry, we offer the best designs to our customers created with customized designs showcasing photographs, stylized fonts, unique emblems, and more.

Personalized artistry for four generations

Quality designs are a great way to showcase your business, memorialize your loved ones, add detail to property, or create a tribute in your community. Our designs vary in beautiful detail with standard and laser-etched designs using granite or glacier boulder.

Standard Design

Create an engraved monument to exemplify the life of your loved one with elaborate details. Standard designs include religious symbols, landscapes, floral accents, and more.

With great skill, LifeSong sketches directly to the stone and creates works of art for your monuments, signs, benches, slanted stones, and more.

lazer etching
Laser Etching

For top of the line technology on granite surfaces in a variety of designs, trust our team experienced artisans. Laser engraving will create endless designs on darker stones.

With a fine level of craftsmanship and unique details, there is nothing we can’t handle when it comes to achieving the perfect look you imagine.

Glacier Stones

Feature your designs on one-of-a-kind glacier boulders! These are top picks for engraved signs in South Dakota due to their natural elements, large size, and customization options including unique fonts, designs, emblems, and images.

Glacier boulders are a great way to symbolize strength in your home or business or to celebrate the life and memory of those closest to you. Whether you need these natural stones designed for your church, golf course, park, city sign, ranch, veteran memorial, or anywhere else where you want to make a memorable impression, LifeSong is here for you.